Tag Grid Logo Competition

As some of you have seen and may already know, Tag Grid is in the process of re-branding the grid and we are looking for your help as it is you, we are representing as a grid, so it should be you that decides our new logo.

We are launching a competition to re-design the Tag grid logo, which we will then use across all of the Tag grid, websites and advertising etc.*

We will start accepting entries from the 4th August and entries will close on the 30th October. You will need to submit the low-res version to Constanza Amsterdam, in world.

Please title the file with <AVATAR NAME> – Tag Logo Competition

We will then display all the entries at the Tag event sim along with a voting system for you as residents to vote on your choice from the entries.

The winner with the most votes on the 8th November 12:00 pm grid time when the vote closes will be declared the winner and the logo will then be used for Tag and rolled out as the new logo.

The winner of the logo competition will receive $50,000 Tag bucks to do with as you please.


1 Entry per person and only registered Tag grid residents can enter.

The logo must be in the Tag colours as below:

Grey: #ababab
Dark grey: #2B2B2B;
Purple: #634271

It must be simple, memorable, and evocative, with the least possible text.

We will need a low-res copy entry to display in-world for voting and the winner will need to supply us with a high-res PSD layered file of the logo and to claim their prize.

* The winner grants Tag grid an exclusive worldwide license to Tag grid to use the logo across all mediums as part of the Tag brand. You retain the IP rights to the logo and the license will end when Tag ceases as a legal entity and all rights will then return to you.

Entry confirms acceptance of the rules and conditions.